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How Far Is Too Far?

A big part of the game is to be patient, using available terrain features to remain hidden while waiting for game to move into a spot where they can be successfully stalked.

On a sunny, warm late August day in 2018 I was bowhunting pronghorn near Douglas, Wyoming with my friends Scott Denny, head honcho at Table Mountain Outfitters, and videographer extraordinaire Big Kelly Lee. I’ve done this hunt several times, always from a ground blind over a water source, and always killed a good buck on film, never in more than three days. For the pronghorn bowhunter, this combination is the best way possible to get a controlled shot at a calm buck at close range. Continue reading How Far Is Too Far?

As The Crow Flies

pronghorn bucks

There are not many places in the world where you can hunt on a piece of hallowed ground. The Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana is one of them. Continue reading As The Crow Flies

The All-American Pronghorn

pronghorn bucks
During the rut, when bucks are aggressively chasing does, using a buck decoy to challenge territorial behavior can sometimes bring a buck charging right into your lap.

The distinctly-American pronghorn is one of the modern conservation movement’s biggest success stories. Bowhunting them can be a real challenge.

Last August I found myself sweltering inside a pop-up blind in southern Continue reading The All-American Pronghorn