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Poachers Are Not Hunters

Safari Club International supports legal, regulated trophy hunting and condemns criminal poaching of wildlife. Continue reading Poachers Are Not Hunters

POACHING: The costs in pain and suffering never end

Claire Howell and her father Andre de Kock.
Claire Howell and her father Andre de Kock.

(Editor’s note by Steve Comus:  Wild Africa, a hauntingly mysterious siren that lures humans from near and far into the bosom of Mother Nature, also is a place where increasingly atrocities go unchecked. Crime? Corruption? Probably yes. Stone grave markers stand as silent reminders that something terrible happened – something that never can be resolved, regardless how much time goes by, no matter how many murderers are captured. Lives of real people, the things of real value, have been taken away forever. And for what? Some pieces of ivory or a bit of horn. On Friday, February 18, Africa PH Andre de Kock was ambushed, gunned down and killed by poachers while guiding a client in Tanzania. Andre inadvertently happened upon armed poachers in the bush. Continue reading POACHING: The costs in pain and suffering never end

Chattanooga Area Chapter Helps Nab Poachers

From YouTube, here is a collection of videos from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency  of poachers shooting a decoy deer donated to the Officers by the Chattanooga Area Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI). It is illegal to shoot from a roadway, and as you can see, there are those who choose to disobey the law.

The poachers are shooting at a robo deer fully donated by the Chattanooga Area SCI. The cameras used in the filming were also donated to the Officers by the SCI Chapter. The arrests have resulted in thousands of dollars in fines and loss of hunting licenses to the offenders.