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Norma Releases ECOSTRIKE – Lead-Free High-Impact Hunting Ammunition

Norma’s new ECOSTRIKE brings the latest bullet technology to create a lead-free projectile with better ballistic coefficients and more reliable terminal performance. ECOSTRIKE is a great choice for hunting medium and large game because it expands at either low Continue reading Norma Releases ECOSTRIKE – Lead-Free High-Impact Hunting Ammunition

The Twice-Shot Buck

Have you ever had game in your sights, then having pulled the trigger, would have bet the farm that it had been a perfect shot? Of course you have. Anyone who’s done a fair amount of hunting has experienced that feeling. The majority of times such confidence is justified, and the quarry drops either in its tracks or within a sand Continue reading The Twice-Shot Buck

Norma Ammo Proves Its Mettle On Driven Boar

ECOSTRIKE .308 Winchester
ECOSTRIKE .308 Winchester

There is always something new brewing around Norma Ammunition and this year is set to be a banner one when it comes to state-of-the-art hunting loads. Continue reading Norma Ammo Proves Its Mettle On Driven Boar

Norma Precision Signs as SCI Corporate Sponsor

NormablockImageSafari Club International is pleased to welcome Norma Ammunition as a new corporate sponsor. “Norma’s international reputation for quality and dependability is a perfect reflection of the ideals and commitment of SCI to preserving our hunting heritage,” said Phil DeLone CEO of Safari Club International. “Like SCI, Norma is focused on providing quality service and unswerving support to the hunting community.”

According to Paul-Erik Toivo-CEO of the Swedish based company, “Norma Precision is proud and honored to join SCI as a sponsor. Like SCI, Norma shares the goal of protecting our hunting heritage and we will continue to support conservation efforts of SCI and provide the shooting community with the finest products available.”

Norma Precision traces their roots back some 100 plus years and pride themselves on their reputation as manufacturer of the largest assortment of Ammunition offerings to the Safari community.