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Mossberg’s New Patriot Revere

When Mossberg introduced its Patriot line of traditionally designed, affordable rifles in 2015, consumers and industry insiders alike were impressed with the workmanship and classic lines of the American made bolt-action rifles. Now Mossberg has upgraded the Patriot line Continue reading Mossberg’s New Patriot Revere

New Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle

Every year we see new models of the Remington 700 introduced, most of which are simply variations (called “line extensions” in industry parlance), of this iconic rifle that’s been with us since 1962. To be honest, many of these so-called “new” guns differ from existing models only in stock design, composition or color. I can’t tell you how many versions of the 700 have passed through these hands, but it’s got to be close to a hundred. Continue reading New Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle

The Affordable Fat Bolts

The Sauer 100 Classic XT is handsome by American standards and breaks new ground with regard to the pricing of German-made rifles.

What I most look forward to at each year’s convention is meandering the aisles and seeing all the new stuff. That’s because there’s Continue reading The Affordable Fat Bolts

New Mauser 98 & Blaser R8 Professional S

Mauser rifles Mauser 98
Mauser’s new M98 Magnum is superbly crafted and as elegant as it is functional.

Based on the original design drawings, the new Mauser M98 Magnum has combined the unique strengths of the ’98 action with modern Continue reading New Mauser 98 & Blaser R8 Professional S