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Hunting Steenbok–One of Africa’s “Tiny 10”

After two years of wanting to return to Namibia and hunt Steenbok, JJ finally connects withone of Africa’s “Tiny 10” antelope.



Namibian Professional Hunters Association Releases Position Paper

napha logoThe Namibian Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) has released a position paper on the value of hunting as a conservation tool, addressing squarely the ongoing ideological battle between hunters and anti-hunters and the often emotion-based Continue reading Namibian Professional Hunters Association Releases Position Paper

Super Safari!

Elephant hunting Namibia
Namibia’s Caprivi Strip is big, flat country. Professional Hunters and trackers often take advantage of trees when trailing elephant.

An indisputable truth of hunting Africa is that every safari is unique. Ask any veteran with a goodly number of trips under their belt and they will chime a quick affirmation. If things get long-winded, they’ll probably add that the first morning of a safari is the only part that comes close to being predictable. Opening morning, especially that of someone’s freshman effort, was scripted long ago and now bound by circumstance as much as it is by tradition. Continue reading Super Safari!

A Golden Oryx

Hunter Jill St. John with golden oryx
Jill St. John and outfitter Barry Burchell with a beautiful golden oryx, taken as part of a package auctioned at our 2014 convention. The “golden oryx” is a color phase of gemsbok that occurs naturally, but Burchell has been breeding them up at his farm in extreme southern Namibia.

The first “golden oryx” I ever saw was in Dick and Mary Cabela’s trophy room in Sidney, Nebraska. I thought it was really beautiful—and different—but I actually didn’t give it any further thought until Barry Burchell asked me to join an auction hunt at his place in southern Namibia for exactly that: The golden oryx. Continue reading A Golden Oryx