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Savage Model 16 Lightweight Hunter

The shooting world has a lot of trends associated with it and one of the trends emerging in the past five years is mountain guns or lightweight guns that people can easily trek Continue reading Savage Model 16 Lightweight Hunter

Weighty Questions

It’s true we carry a rifle for many hours, only to shoot it for a second. But in the hunting context, which is more important?

Among the hundreds of hunters with whom I’ve discussed the subject of rifle weight in hunting camps around the world, I can’t recall ever hearing someone say they wished their rifle was heavier than it was. Lighter, almost always, but never heavier.

That said, if it sounds like I’m about to make a case for the ultra-light hunting rifle, you’d be wrong. In fact, just the opposite. I’ve been carrying nine-pound-plus rifles for well over half a century and I can’t see where it’s done me any harm. Nor has it ever cost me a trophy — Continue reading Weighty Questions