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This Mountain Lion Hunt Is Tougher Than Climbing Mount Rainier, But Oh So Rewarding

SCI member Brent Jacobsen has climbed both Mount Rainier and Mount McKinley and says his Colorado mountain lion hunt challenged him more than either of those physical feats. Continue reading This Mountain Lion Hunt Is Tougher Than Climbing Mount Rainier, But Oh So Rewarding

Game and Fish to Discuss Mountain Lion Hunting and Other Regulations

wyoming game and fishThe Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be holding a public meeting to discuss mountain lion populations, their management and proposed hunting season quotas. The Game and Fish reviews Chapter 42 mountain lion regulations every three years and encourages all interested public to attend these meetings. Any changes in regulations or harvest strategies will be discussed at these meetings, and the information gathered will be summarized and brought to the Game and Fish Commission for final approval at their July 7-8 Commission meeting in Pinedale.

In addition, the Game and Fish will be proposing to combine several regulations regarding disabled hunters into one regulation. Game and Fish is also proposing to outline a process to make revisions to the Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Plan as well as simplifying their nongame wildlife regulation.

The meeting will be held at 6pm, Tuesday, May 24 at the Virginian Lodge in Jackson.

Flashback Friday – Cliffhanger

Safari-Jan_feb-1998-CVREditor’s Note: On Friday, we dig deep into the Safari Magazine archives and dust off a gem from our past. This week, we learn that hunting mountain lions requires a bit more stamina and creative problem solving than many think. This story first appeared in the Jan./Feb. 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

Mountain lion hunting is easy. You just chase one up a tree and shoot it. What kind of sport Continue reading Flashback Friday – Cliffhanger

SCI Flashback Friday – Stalked!

Editor’s Note: Each Friday we dust off a story from our vast archives. Today’s adventure originally ran in the May/June 1995 issue of Safari Magazine.

cougar4huntforever061214Something large and dark jumped from the ground up to the huge boulders. The movement through the pines caught my eye as I drove by. “What was that?” I turned around and a slower approach ended my curiosity. A turkey vulture was watching my truck as I pulled over to see what kind of a dinner I had just interrupted. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Stalked!