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Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man

Renaissance-man-Bela-Hidvegi(Author’s note: Béla Hidvégi is an SCI International Life Member and Honorary International Director from Hungary whose hunting heritage ranges from having to literally hunt for food after World War II by trying to snag pheasants with a pitchfork, to gifting his home country with extensive collections of species from around the world. Meeting him, I discovered someone steeled by adversity and inspired by his father who instilled in him perseverance, a strong work ethic and a love of the land that shaped Hidvégi into not only an exceptional hunter, but also an exceptional man.) Continue reading Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man


Flashback Friday – Spanish Ibex Quest

MarApr1987CVREditor’s Note: On Friday we dust off a gem from the extensive SCI archives and bring it back to life. Today we tag along on a hunt for Gredos Ibex in Spain. This story first appeared in the March/April 1987 issue of Safari Magazine.

There are cave drawings in Spain and southern France that are proof the ibex has been hunted extensively since prehistoric times. However, with the arrival of modern Continue reading Flashback Friday – Spanish Ibex Quest

Top Ten Gredos Ibex

The Gredos Ibex is one of the most coveted trophies of the mountain regions of Spain. They are the largest of the Spanish Ibex with the biggest horns. These traits coupled with the difficult terrain of their habitat make these majestic animals a must for any mountain hunters bucket list. Here are the top ten from the SCI Record Book.

300 Inches of Antler in 10 Minutes!

300inchesofantlerdeer1I prefer to hunt in untouched country as far from the crowds in iridescent orange as possible. The area doesn’t have to be an outpost at the edge of the world either. Just a place with as few roads as possible, which means you can probably have it all to yourself. That’s where the loneliness of wild and silent woods is full of splendor. Continue reading 300 Inches of Antler in 10 Minutes!