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My Greatest Challenge

The Tien Shan Mountains which separate Kyrgyzstan from China are known as the “Celestial Mountains” they are some of the most picturesque yet unforgiving and rugged mountains in the world. These mountains are home to a Continue reading My Greatest Challenge


Glacier Goats

“Like all vain men, he had moments of unreasonable confidence.” Warren Eyster

My first moment of unreasonable confidence took place approximately 30 years ago at the end of a Dall sheep hunt in the Alaskan range with guide Coke Wallace. Continue reading Glacier Goats

An SCI Story: An SCI Success

There are things about Safari Club International that set it above and apart from anything else on the planet. One glimpse of that dynamic occurred a few days after Christmas. Continue reading An SCI Story: An SCI Success

Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man

Renaissance-man-Bela-Hidvegi(Author’s note: Béla Hidvégi is an SCI International Life Member and Honorary International Director from Hungary whose hunting heritage ranges from having to literally hunt for food after World War II by trying to snag pheasants with a pitchfork, to gifting his home country with extensive collections of species from around the world. Meeting him, I discovered someone steeled by adversity and inspired by his father who instilled in him perseverance, a strong work ethic and a love of the land that shaped Hidvégi into not only an exceptional hunter, but also an exceptional man.) Continue reading Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man