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Are You About To Expire?

I felt fine and everything was working smoothly. Little did I know that I was about to expire. Luckily, I looked at my mailing label on the front of the Safari Times and Safari magazine and saw just above my name that my expiration date was approaching quickly. To make sure that I didn’t expire prematurely and that I continued to support SCI and its missions, I called the international headquarters to renew my membership. While I was at it, I decided that I didn’t want to worry about missing any important hunting information, so I upgraded to Life membership status and received $200 in Cabela’s Bucks, too! Call 888-486-8724 today.–Tammy Scott

New SCI Membership Benefits

Phil DeLone – CEO Safari Club International

Members are the most important assets that Safari Club International has.  With roughly 50,000 Members strong, the Club is proud to have so many loyal and faithful hunters in our ranks.

In 2014, SCI will roll out a new menu of added benefits to be included in everyone’s membership–still only $65.00 a year.  As a sidebar, our dues since 1994 has never been more than this price, representing a true bargain.

Our first new Member benefit is the Hunters Travel Assistance Hotline brought exclusively to you by our corporate friends at Global Rescue, considered the world’s finest provider of field rescue, evacuation and traveler’s advisory services.

If you find yourself stuck or injured somewhere unfamiliar–the Hunters Travel Assistance Hotline is there for you 24 hours a day to provide SCI Members medical referrals everywhere around the globe; emergency message relay between you, family and others; legal and banking referrals; country intelligence reports and also lost baggage, passport, credit card and air ticket replacement assistance.

I like to call the service a personal security blanket you won’t leave home without, and, it is included without charge to every Member.

Now remember though, Global Rescue is not sending the jet or helicopter to save you without a little extra spend on your part.  If you want the added protection of trouble free air and emergency evacuation, then go to our SCI website and buy an affordable upgraded package.

Global-Rescue-logoThe Hunters Travel Assistance Hotline is a great benefit, Global Rescue is a great company and we’re happy to welcome them to SCI.

For 37 years, since 1977 SCI has brought the world our Record Book of Big Game Animals.  The book includes 833 species categories, 167,000 individual entries and is considered the finest record of your hunts.

For SCI Members exclusively, the Record Book of Big Game Animals is newly, and for the very first time, available free of charge online to all Members.  Go to our website, type in your name and membership number where prompted, and start enjoying the great taxonomic notes, geographical data, the endless remarkable entries and other contents that make SCI’s Record Book the gold standard.  While there, fill out a hunt report on your latest adventure and browse the World Hunting Awards too.  It’s all free to you–the SCI Member.

This year another great benefit coming your way is our Credit Union, serviced by Spectrum Credit Unions–one of the nation’s leading and most trusted providers.  Members will enjoy consumer, automobile and home loans at attractive rates, often at below market levels.   Spectrum also offers traditional banking services such as checking and savings accounts without a bunch of needless fees.

Rounding out the benefits package is the Club’s new Global Travel Partner program giving card carrying SCI Members discounts at a variety of hotels, resorts, airlines, safari lodges and exclusive small venues in some unbelievable locations like the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe to name two.

You’ll find name brands like Hard Rock Hotel–Las Vegas and Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno there, along with ones that aren’t yet household brand names.  The common thread to all of them is they welcome SCI Members with open arms and great value.  The list of participants in the Global Travel Partner program grows every week–we think you’ll enjoy the offerings.

Thanks for being a Member and thanks for joining SCI.  Because you participate as a Member, we’ve grown into the most respected sportsman’s advocacy organization in the world.  Thanks for helping get us there.—Phil DeLone

Safari Club Experience–Dennis Anderson

SCI Past-President, Dennis Anderson, explains what hunting means to him, and the importance of Safari Club International to him as a hunter.