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SCI Record Book To Debut Virtual Measuring Course

Capitalizing on the virtual measuring capabilities established last year to measure ibex trophies taken in Pakistan, the SCI Record Book team is expanding that technology to include a live virtual measuring course, debuting in December, 2019. Continue reading SCI Record Book To Debut Virtual Measuring Course

Alejandra Ortega: SCI World Hunting Award Coordinator – Administrative Assistant

I would like to introduce you to the SCI World Hunting Award Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, Alejandra Ortega. Alejandra oversees the World Hunting Awards Program where she works with the Record Book Team to assist SCI members to achieve their World Hunting Award goals. Continue reading Alejandra Ortega: SCI World Hunting Award Coordinator – Administrative Assistant

SCI Staff Receives Cross-Training

measuring-0605131Michael Roqueni and Chris Emery from SCI’s Record Book and World Hunting Awards Department recently conducted an informative measuring seminar for all SCI headquarters staff. The purpose of the seminar was to familiarize fellow staffers with the various SCI measuring methods for different animal species, and of the important role SCI Record Books play in documenting our hunting heritage.

SCI’s Record Books differ from many others in that SCI uses a gross scoring system intended to give full value to all measurable growth an animal achieves. The significance of that scoring method is how it documents animals in a way that professional wildlife managers can refer to when identifying trends in antler, horn, tusk and skull growth, even at the local level. Because of its value as a wildlife management tool, SCI Record Books have a lower entry level score than other record books, and SCI encourages all members to enter all of their trophies.

measuring-0605132Also pointed out during the seminar was the importance of SCI’s multiple classifications of some single species as well as the importance of maintaining a record book specifically for Estate animals. SCI’s Estate Record Book entries may be all that separates some animals from extinction. Simitar horned oryx, for example, are extinct in their native wild with breeding populations generally found primarily on hunting estates where their value as an estate-hunted species keeps populations alive. Only the hunting community has stepped up to keep abundant breeding populations of such animals.

As one staffer remarked, “Today’s measuring seminar was incredibly informative and eye-opening regarding the importance of documenting our hunting heritage and compiling usable scientific data.”

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How to Measure Elk Antlers

SCI’s Chief Master Measurer, Chris Emery, takes you step by step through how to measure elk antlers for entry into the SCI Record Books.