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My Greatest Challenge

The Tien Shan Mountains which separate Kyrgyzstan from China are known as the “Celestial Mountains” they are some of the most picturesque yet unforgiving and rugged mountains in the world. These mountains are home to a Continue reading My Greatest Challenge

Species of the Week – Marco Polo Sheep

AsianArgali10Ovis ammon polii
Argali de Marco Polo (Sp), Marco Polo Argali (G), Argali de Marco Polo (F). Also called Pamir argali. Named for Marco Polo, 13th century Venetian merchant and explorer, who was the first Westerner to record its existence. Continue reading Species of the Week – Marco Polo Sheep

Favorite Guns and Loads of SCI Member Pete S.

The .30-06 Springfield 168-grain boattail was my first love. When I graduated to it, my beloved whitetails would take no more than a few halting steps and go down.

I’ve only been to Africa seven times.

My favorite load there is the .338 Winchester Magnum firing 185-grain solid copper boattail bullet handloads. The only change I’ve made over time is to a lighter bullet.

A Marco Polo sheep was the longest shot I’ve made. It was more than a quarter-mile, and I shot a Dall last fall at nearly the same distance.  It’s a devastating round when it hits and I like the extra horsepower when in bear country

I just love that .338 Winchester Magnum with the solid copper Barnes X-Bullet. It gives me that same old confidence I had when I started hunting with a high-powered rifle. I try to get as close as possible, but in the mountains sometimes you can’t get very close.

I use a stainless steel Ruger Model 77 rifle with a Swarovski 3-9x scope. It’s heavy, but it has never, ever let me down.

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