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Long Ranges And Browning’s X-Bolt Pro

A Burnt Bronze Cerakote metal finish and a fluted bolt and grasping ball distinguish the X-Bolt Pro Long Range.

This is the slow time of year for guys like me who are always looking for new products to write about. All the new stuff that was introduced last Continue reading Long Ranges And Browning’s X-Bolt Pro


An Ethical Balance

There is no question that recent advancements in bullet design, rifle accuracy, cartridge performance, riflescopes, and affordable laser rangefinders have all combined to significantly extend the range at which we can be reasonably confident of making a humane one-shot kill. The distance can vary greatly depending on one’s equipment, Continue reading An Ethical Balance

Zeiss’ New V6 Goes Short Or Long

What constitutes a long shot is not only subjective, but also regional. Where I grew up back East, we stalked cedar thickets trying to catch a deer in its bed or set up tree stands adjacent to well worn Continue reading Zeiss’ New V6 Goes Short Or Long

A Straight-Pull Lapua!

The .375 bullet shattered both shoulders. A stone’s toss into the thicket, the gemsbok collapsed. If it had not, however, my second shot would have come in a heartbeat. My rifle cycled twice as fast as any turn-bolt – though it was stronger than many, and exceedingly accurate. Continue reading A Straight-Pull Lapua!