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L. L. Bean Allagash Folding Knife

Since the mid-1960s, the vast majority of big game hunters have preferred a folding lock-blade knife configuration. The reasons behind such a choice lie primarily in a shift in our style of hunting. Today, most hunters spend more time in some type of vehicle (i.e. truck, car, ATV, etc.) or sitting in a blind, then they do on their feet. Continue reading L. L. Bean Allagash Folding Knife

Hybrid Hunter

LL Bean Hybrid Hunter
The Hybrid Hunter Knife design is a departure from tradition in that it offers both a main edge and a sharpened portion of the back of the blade spine near the tip. Image: Durwood Hollis

Most hunting knives, both fixed-blade and folding, follow the same traditional design pattern. While there may be some variation, seldom do we see a significant departure from the norm. That said, the hunting staff at L. L. Bean has come up with a radical new knife design that works equally as well for general field dressing as it does for hide removal activities. Aptly named the Hybrid Hunter; this new knife is definitely a departure from the norm. Continue reading Hybrid Hunter