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Lion of Lunda

It was late afternoon. Suddenly the baboons started jabbering, and a young giraffe near the bait vanished. Hassanali Ladak, my PH whispered to me, “The lion is very near.

At the 2010 SCI Convention in Reno, Hilary of Hilary Daffi Safaris, informed me he was in the process of acquiring a new concession in LionofLundathe Selous and that I needed to hunt his new area as soon as possible. This particular concession had not been hunted for a while, and I would be one of only a few hunters going on a pioneering adventure. I had had such a good time on my previous hunt that I found myself booking for the following September. Continue reading Lion of Lunda

SCI Flashback Friday – Tracking an Obsession

Safari MagazineEditors Note: This story originally appeared in the November/December 1985 issue of Safari Magazine.

I lay on the cot, staring at the canvas of the tent’s roof. Moonlight filtered down through the leaves of the overhanging trees and in through the open tent flaps.

A hippo grunted, elephants trumpeted down on the river and a hyena sent its eerie call into the night. Then I heard the one sound I had been listening for – lions calling. The soft moaning call of lionesses drifted in on the night air. Then, the harsher sound of a much bigger lion pierced the air from just behind our camp. Another male called from farther away. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Tracking an Obsession