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Hunting With An African Legend

There aren’t a lot of legends left in our world. Many of the greats are gone, but some are still with us. Andrew Holmberg is retired in Spain, likewise Tony Sanchez. Geoff Broom is retired in South Africa, and Nicky Blunt is in England. Harry Selby is in Maun, next-door Continue reading Hunting With An African Legend

Liberia Rainforest Safari

On the way to the fly camp.
On the way to the fly camp.

I had just returned to fly camp after hunting with my guide, Beima McGill, and was so tired that I just removed my pack, boots and headlamp and immediately fell asleep on the mattress set on the floor of my tent. As the first rays of daylight filtered through the canopy of the rainforest, another of my guides, Edwin Brophy, started on a two-hour walk to his family’s food plot, since we would not hunt again until 5 p.m. Continue reading Liberia Rainforest Safari