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The Big Lever Action

A California wild hog taken with a Marlin .45-70. The old .45-70 is awesome for hogs and black bears, but that’s actually part of the problem — most factory loads available today are superb for medium big game, but not designed for really large animals.

In the perennial deep-freeze that is Antarctica, some of the explorers’ camps are preserved as if in time capsules. An early American camp can be visited. In a supply shelter one can see stacked boxes of .50-110 Winchester Continue reading The Big Lever Action

The Most Popular Rifle

A few days ago, I came upon an interesting claim in an internet shooting “magazine.” The writer proclaimed, with no qualification whatever, that the AR-15 is “the most popular rifle in American history.”

Assuming we are talking hunting rifles, I doubt very much that the total number Continue reading The Most Popular Rifle

Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle In .450 Marlin

Winchester-M94-Short-Rifle-111715The popular Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle from Winchester Repeating Arms is now offered chambered in the powerful .450 Marlin cartridge. In addition to this new caliber, the Model 94 Short Continue reading Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle In .450 Marlin