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The Right Leopard

huntforeverrightleopardNamibia2006070314Hunting “Old Spots” has changed!

It is impossible to properly count wild leopards, but estimates range from a low of nearly 700,000 to as high as two million. Either way, there are a lot of leopards. The sport-hunted harvest is not significant and clearly sustainable, and I believe there are a lot more leopards today than when I started hunting in Africa. Certainly this is absolutely true in Namibia and South Africa! With more leopards, I also believe leopard hunting is better than it used to be—but it has changed quite a bit. Continue reading The Right Leopard


Leopards in the Baobab – Tracking the Cat in Zimbabwe

zimbabweleopardhuntforever051314Upon arriving at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport the first week of May on South African Airlines, I was met by Bruce, the representative for Gracy Travel and the Afton Guest House. Both the Afton Guest House and Gracy Travel cater to hunters, and the service and information they provide is excellent. Continue reading Leopards in the Baobab – Tracking the Cat in Zimbabwe