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Leica Sport Optics – Precision Built On A Century Of Knowledge And Expertise

To trust sport optics, a brand with high quality engineering and the best lenses standard is required.  Leica has been doing just that for more than a century. Leica’s lenses are an essential part of the German brand’s DNA, producing binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes and laser rangefinders with the highest level of precision.

Today, Leica continues to achieve exactly what founder Dr. Ernst Leitz had his heart set on in 1907 – to get users closer to nature and offer them unique visual experiences. Leica’s focus on developing and manufacturing the best lenses means, not surprisingly, that it offers the best optics. For Leica, it’s not just about individual products or lines. What it does is an integral part of a culture that has existed from the start – focusing on innovation, quality and a unique experience.

Leica Improves Geovid

Leica Sport Optics recently unveiled the latest version of its bestselling laser rangefinding binoculars – Geovid HD-B 3000 / HD-R 2700. Continue reading Leica Improves Geovid

A Couple Days of Hunting, A Lifetime of Value

Moving to a new state can be a difficult experience for any hunter. It requires you to learn new regulations, create new friendships in the hunting community and become familiar with new hunting areas.  Such was the predicament I found myself in at the end of my Continue reading A Couple Days of Hunting, A Lifetime of Value

Leica Announces NOCTIVID Ultimate Performance Binoculars

leica_noctivid_binoculars-112316The Leica NOCTIVID binoculars offers unparalleled optical performance by establishing new benchmarks for the brightest, sharpest, highest contrast and purest color images available in a binocular today. Continue reading Leica Announces NOCTIVID Ultimate Performance Binoculars