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SCI-Lake Superior Sponsors Hunts For Terminally Ill Youngsters

SCI-Lake Superior Chapter has sponsored terminally ill kids on the Make A wish/Hunt of  A lifetime program for the past 18 years.

“This year we took three special young hunters black bear hunting in the north woods of Wisconsin, all three taking very nice black bears,” reported Chapter Director Jay Link.

One of the young hunters tells his story:

“My name is David (Jimenez). I am 12 years old. In March of 2019 I was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. After months of procedures, I received the news that I would be invited to go on a hunt of a lifetime.

“I never thought my first hunting experience would be hunting a bear. This was an amazing adventure with very nice people who helped me to completely forget about my cancer diagnosis. Driving through narrow dirt roads, listening to the dogs barking in the back of the pickup, and chasing down every lead was unbelievable.

“In the last six months, all I ever dealt with were needles and hospital visits, surgeries, scars and medicine that made me feel sick every day. Hunting a bear was very different. Resting at the cabin in Wisconsin by the lake made me forget about all the pills I had to take every day.

“Chasing down bear tracks with the windows wide open made me forget about all the weeks I felt weak and when I lost all my hair. Running through the woods with a bear ahead of us made me forget about the bulky leg braces I had to wear for months because of the neuropathy.

“And when that bear fell from the top of the tree and hit against the ground below, I felt very lucky, because very few people ever see something like that happen in front of their eyes. It was better than any documentary on TV. It was amazing.  Thank you so much to USSA and SCI-Lake Superior Chapter and Link’s Wild Safari – Jay Link for making all this happen!”

Lake Superior Chapter Has Another Outstanding Fundraiser

Over the past 20 years, the Lake Superior Chapter’s major fundraiser has raised a total of more than $3,100,000. Its contributions to Safari Club International surpassed $650,000, and its revenue retained for local efforts is more than $1,600,000. Continue reading Lake Superior Chapter Has Another Outstanding Fundraiser

Hunts For Warriors Project at Dakota Hunting Farms

The 2nd annual Hunts for Warriors hunt took place at the Hecla Hunting Farms properties in northeastern South Dakota, near the town of Hecla. Owner Bill Mitchell and Lodge manager, Gabrielle Meyer have gone above and beyond in their efforts to show their appreciation for the service the veterans have given. From the conceptualization, planning and implementation, the two have put together one of the finest pheasant hunts anyone could ask for and they have graciously given three wounded veterans a well-deserved four days of relaxation and enjoyment.

Left to right: Brian McGuire, Bob Donovan, Brian Mancuso.

Gabrielle has worked on putting the event together for a number of months, starting with the selection of the veterans all the way thru guiding these fine men in the field to seeing them off on the final day. Among being the gentleman who initially discussed the idea of such an event with SCI President, John Whipple, Bill Mitchell is credited with preparing some of the finest steaks to hit the table. Not often does one have the pleasure of a lodge owner preparing one of many fine meals after a long day’s hunt.

Left to right: Brian Mancuso, Bob Donovan & Brian McGuire

The three veterans selected were Bob Donovan, Brian McGuire and Brian Mancuso from Richmond, VA, Austin, TX and Pittsburgh, PA, respectively. All have served in the Middle East during their duty. The experience began once they arrived at the lodge. After a meet and greet, Gabrielle took the veterans out to shoot a few clay targets and ready them for the days of shooting ahead of them. Upon the conclusion of the shooting, they retired to the extremely comfortable and home-like setting in the lodge. Rather than talk of their duties, the three easily discussed their families, being outdoors, their love of hunting along with the details of many hunts they’ve done over the course of their lives. Of all the hunting they’ve done, upland hunting is one aspect of hunting they had not done much of. Despite spending more time pursuing big game, the three were quick to down birds and amass a goodly share of pheasants during the hunt. They had the use of some very experienced dogs, which is one of the benchmark features of Dakota Hunting Farms. Each day, the veterans had dogs with fresh legs along with an experienced nose or two to flush the pheasants.

Left to right: Brian Mancuso, Bob Donovan, Bill Mitchell, Sandy Mitchell, Brian McGuire and Gabrielle Meyer.

Dakota Hunting Farms intends to continue to show their appreciation to veterans with future hunts. However, it requires the help and partnership of SCI Chapters to make this happen. A special thank you goes to the Lake Superior Chapter, Delaware Valley Chapter and the Austin Chapter for stepping up to make this event happen. The three chapters sponsored the travel to the event while Dakota Hunting Farms supplied a true South Dakota pheasant hunt to three of our Nation’s finest individuals.

If your chapter would like to sponsor a veteran or obtain more information regarding the Hunts for Warrior’s program, contact Sue Hankner at (520) 620-1220.