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60 inches for 60 years

We had been glassing the thickly covered terrain all morning looking for a big kudu bull and had not spotted any yet, when my eye caught a glimpse of black in the shade of a large camel thorn tree. I pulled the binoculars back to the dark shape. When the animal turned its head in our direction, my breath sucked in sharply and my heart started to pound. I made a small ‘pssst’ sound to Gerrie Vorster, my professional hunter, and he quickly trained his own binoculars in the same direction. We both stared silently at the bull. After a short time, I heard him moving closer to me so we could talk. Continue reading 60 inches for 60 years

The Family That Hunts Together….

A huge old baobab tree provides a perch for the whole family.

As parents and grandparents, one of our collective responsibilities is to leave a legacy of passion for the outdoors, hunting Continue reading The Family That Hunts Together….

Flashback Friday – Believe It!

Editor’s Note: On Friday we reach back into the Safari archives and dust off a gem from the past. This time we join Wayne Van Zwoll on a kudu hunt in Blaauwkrantz in South Africa, where thorns, thick brush, and elusive game make for a challenging hunt. This article first appeared in the November/December 2009 issue of Safari Magazine. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Believe It!

Grey Ghost of the Savannah

The luxurious accommodations of the Imbassa Lodge.
The luxurious accommodations of the Imbassa Lodge.

My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Africa. We were on a bowhunt with Hunt The Sun Safari at the Imbasa lodge just outside of Kimberley, South Africa. My PH, Evert, and tracker, Paul, went out of their ways to make my bowhunting experience one that I will remember for a long time to come. Continue reading Grey Ghost of the Savannah