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Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Saw/Knife Combo

While most hunters realize that a knife is an essential edged tool, only a few give the same credence to a bone saw. However, if you deal with big game field dressing, skinning and quartering, then you understand that there are occasions when a carcass must be taken apart piece-by-piece. And this means removing the head and cutting through the spinal column and pelvic bone, all of which call for the use of a saw.  Continue reading Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Saw/Knife Combo


Making the Shot

You glimpse the buck. He’s 200 yards away on a fast walk, left to right. He enters a thicket and your eyes scan the brush looking for movement — a leg, an ear, the horizontal line of his back. Nothing.

     He was moving fast, so you cast your eyes ahead. There he is. Just before he drops down over the hill at 120 yards, he stops. You have only a second or two.

Your cheekbone welds to the stock. You settle the crosshairs high on his shoulder and feel the trigger. You suck in some air, let half out, and squeeze. He drops.

You cycle another round and walk to the buck. Nice trophy. Darkness will soon fall, and you may need help dragging this brute back to camp.

Reasons to be thankful. He’s a great buck, and that Havalon knife in your pack will do a fast, clean job.

Skin Game

When hunting big game there are usually two knives in my possession­­–one general purpose and a secondary skinning knife. My rationale behind such a choice is having a dedicated skinner knife provides for far more efficient hide removal than stretching the functionality of a single general-purpose knife. My intent when Continue reading Skin Game

L. L. Bean Allagash Folding Knife

Since the mid-1960s, the vast majority of big game hunters have preferred a folding lock-blade knife configuration. The reasons behind such a choice lie primarily in a shift in our style of hunting. Today, most hunters spend more time in some type of vehicle (i.e. truck, car, ATV, etc.) or sitting in a blind, then they do on their feet. Continue reading L. L. Bean Allagash Folding Knife