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A new pistol tool by the folks at Real Avid combines firearm specific tools in a single, folding knife configuration.

Most are familiar with Swiss Army knives and their multi-tool blade configuration. While handy, Swiss Army knives have limited usefulness because their tool blades ae rather lightweight. The folks at Real Avid have taken the multi-tool blade concept a step beyond by combining several heavy-duty, firearm specific tools into a single folding knife style configuration.

Their nest generation multi-tool system combines four tool blades with a 2,6-inch Warncliff pattern stainless steel knife blade in a quick deploy holster. Tools includes laser sight adjustment hex keys, a pin punch. flat carbon scraper, metal file and a bottle opener, as well as a blade that contains-four different hex nut wrenches and a pick. In the quick deploy holster there is a locking fold-out magnetic bit driver and a nine-piece multi-functional bit set. And this functionality is completely contained in a compact carry kit. For long-lasting durability, the tool blades are titanium and black oxide coated to prevent rust.

Photo by: Durwood Hollis

While the entire kit can be carried on the belt (the tool has a mole-compatible belt clip), my preference is to include the tool in a range bag or carry box. Even though the tool is specifically designed for pistol use, many of the tools are adaptable to a wider range of firearms. Since this tool is all-in-one, it can quickly be deployed for whatever firearm tinkering is required.

More than once I have looked through my range bag searching for the just the right tool to make a specific adjustment. When the right tool isn’t found, then something else is used which doesn’t always deal appropriately with the assignment. The result is often a broken tool or a scared-up firearm.  With the Real Avid multi-tool system, the right tool is always ready at hand.

What about the knife blade? Well, many times a need to open a box, cut a patch, or countless other uses that call for a sharp edge arise. The Warncliff blade pattern is tough enough to deal with all of that and plenty more.

If you tinker with your firearms as much as I do, then this multi-tool system is for you. With the tool, countless adjustments and repairs, both at the range and in the field, have been made. And all because the tool had what I needed, when I need it!

This tool system has been well-thought out by engineers that know what firearm users need. Many times, multi-tools just are not up to the job as hand. This tool, however, has proven itself repeatable as fully firearm capable.–Durwood Hollis

The Companion

When I am hunting, I often find myself alone in the field and when success comes my way, meat retrieval becomes a solo responsibility. In my younger years it was a reality to simply field dress and pack out entire deer-size animals on my back, but now what comes out of the field is nothing but pure meat. To accomplish that assignment, one knife stands out above all the rest, the Jaeger by Knives of Alaska. Continue reading The Companion

Buck Slim

A classic lock-back, folding hunter slims down for easier pocket carry.

In hunting camps everywhere the Buck Folding Hunter (Model 110) has a constant presence. If it’s not the outfitter or guide who carries one in a leather case on their belt, then it’s one or more of the hunters in camp who have chosen this model as a personal knife. Continue reading Buck Slim

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Saw/Knife Combo

While most hunters realize that a knife is an essential edged tool, only a few give the same credence to a bone saw. However, if you deal with big game field dressing, skinning and quartering, then you understand that there are occasions when a carcass must be taken apart piece-by-piece. And this means removing the head and cutting through the spinal column and pelvic bone, all of which call for the use of a saw.  Continue reading Outdoor Edge Razor Pro Saw/Knife Combo