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How to Sharpen Your Knife – Choosing the Proper Knife for the Outdoorsman

CLAYCOMBTomSharpenKnifeseminarhnt4evr110513Carve out some time at the 2014 SCI Convention to join Tom Claycomb III as he shares the ins and outs of sharpening and maintaining your knives. 100% of outdoorsmen use a knife, and yet perhaps less than 5% can sharpen one. It does take some skill but luckily it doesn’t require a PhD.  After attending this seminar, you will know the steps that you must take to obtain a sharp knife. We will discuss how to sharpen your hunting knife, serrated edges and how to properly steel your boning/fillet knife.

We will also discuss how to choose the style and design that is best for your needs, yet ensuring functionality.  After attending this seminar you will have the basics, and with a little practice, you will be a pro.