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Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story

When viewing historic firearms, it is often mused: “What if this gun could talk….” The inference is that the firearm would relay significant information about where it had been or what happened in its presence. This, of course, is not possible. Continue reading Glamour Guns – When Firearms Do Tell The Story


Kipplauf: One Shot Is Enough

Johann fanzoj
Johann Fanzoj, the first of his gunmaking family to hunt on safari, has built the business since 1965.

He studied banking but returned to the family gunmaking business in 1955. A decade later, at the death of his father, Johann Fanzoj (say, Fanzoy) assumed control. “In 1969, I was the first of our family to visit Africa,” he tells me. “I carried Continue reading Kipplauf: One Shot Is Enough

Johann Fanzoj Custom Rifle

Our gallery featuring the breath taking Ivory Hunter rifle from Johann Fanzoj was one of our most popular. The response was so positive, the company provided this video showing the rifle in more detail. Enjoy!

The Ivory Hunter Rifle- Elegance Crafted by Johann Fanzoj

This beautiful fusion of metal, ivory and walnut is a tribute to the gunmakers art.