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When Dan Baker and Gladys Taggart bid on Jamy Traut’s auction package at our 2019 Convention, they knew they would be hunting in Namibia. I’d agreed to go along, so I knew that as well, and I also knew Jamy would put on a great safari. None of us knew we’d be hunting in an unlimited expanse encompassing 1.6 million acres of wild Africa! Continue reading KAOKOLAND SAFARI

PH Spotlight – Jamy Traut Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

Jamy Traut’s career as a professional hunter seemed predestined. He was raised in Namibia in a family of hunters and channeled his interest into a biology degree to stay close to the animals and the land. During his higher education in both Namibia and Norway, Traut’s colleagues, fellow students and professors wanted to hunt, and taking them afield was the spark that ignited his PH career. Continue reading PH Spotlight – Jamy Traut Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris