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The Making Of Rigby’s Best

This year, one SCI Member will leave Convention able to say they own what Rigby’s Managing Director, Marc Newton, calls Rigby’s “best .275 bolt rifle ever made.” When the hammer falls Saturday night, the winning bidder of the World Heritage Rifle celebrating hunting in Asia will own that gun; one meticulously patterned after Jim Corbett’s original .275 Rigby rifle famous for its role in ending the carnage cause by some of the most infamous maneaters ever documented.

Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.
Jim Corbett and the Rudraprayag leopard.

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Hunting On Foot In Nepal

In 2009, Andrew Comins from the UK London Chapter, returned from the trip of a lifetime to Nepal where he was fortunate enough to shoot a fantastic blue sheep and Himalayan tahr, with the tahr being exceptional. Another unique thing about the trip is that Comins walked in and out covering a good few hundred miles while actually in the mountains for about three weeks. Comins was the only hunter, and had about 30 sherpas in the group to make the trip possible. Presented here is a gallery of some of the mountains, villages, and surrounding flora and fauna Comins photographed on the way into the Dorpahtan hunting reserve.

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Clearly, this was a physically demanding hunt that took a lot of preparation.  How do you prepare physically for a hunt in high altitude–especially one that could be weeks long?