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2012 Utah Chapter SCI Hunts For Warriors and Disabled Hunters

The annual SCI Utah Chapter “Hunts for Warriors” and disabled hunters project was a big success for 2012. Thanks go to the combined efforts of Chairbound Hunters-Utah Chapter (non-profit organization), Safari Club International-Utah Chapter, Garrett Hunting Services, and all the wonderful volunteers who made this an amazing hunt for one wounded war veteran and four chairbound hunters. This year’s project and hunt on included a day-long event for the indigenous and often aggressive hogs in Castle Dale, Utah. It was one of those days when you have to question the weather, and if the unusual sunny and warm day wasn’t for a reason. Being around these brave and dedicated disabled hunters really makes one appreciate what we often take for granted.

The group consisted of approximately 25 people including:

  • Ryan Johnson who is quadriplegic from a sports injury 13 years ago. Johnson lives in Orem, UT, is a life-long hunter and a single dad with a 16-year old son.
  • Lance Hunt who became quadriplegic two years ago. Hunt is from St George, UT, and was already an expert archer before his accident of rolling a big rig and fracturing his neck and back. He loves all kinds of hunting and is married with children.
  • Vance Anderson is paraplegic for more than 40 years is from Ogden, UT. Anderson is an active wheelchair racer, wheelchair basketball player, retired family counselor and now a counselor to younger wheelchair candidates. He is married and has two grown daughters and grandchildren.
  • Justin Fuller is paraplegic from truck accident 11 years ago. Fuller is a life-long hunter with the help of family, friends and the Safari Clubs. Fuller is recently married.
  • David Gardner is a wounded veteran from Springville, UT. His right leg was amputated in accident in Iraq five years ago. Gardner loves archery hunting and is married with three young children.

Our day began with everyone meeting in the town of Castle Dale, UT, and we were soon off to the hunting location. It was quite the sight to see such a caravan and gathering of 4×4 trucks, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides and a Jeep. Once set up and a general plan devised, the group headed out to scout and locate some hogs. That process did not take long, but considering the nice weather and time of morning, we had to move fast before the hogs were off to bed down.

It took no more than 30-minutes before we located the first two hogs. We sighted them from a higher bluff while scoping the lower terrains. Shortly afterward, our first two hunters were successful in harvesting both animals. During the spot-and-stalk process, the group also managed to spot two more hogs in an upper field. As the two first hunters progressed with their supporting group to get their hands on their downed trophies, we heard the shots of success echo through the valley. Two more hogs were successfully taken.

Next, it was time for David Gardner to make it happen on a spot-and-stalk with his bow. After locating a lone dominant hog in the North field and willows, David was off for the sneak attack. David is very dedicated and convinced it was the hog he wanted. After several methodical and careful stalking maneuvers, David was able to loose his first arrow perfectly broadside. However, it soon became clear the big hog wasn’t going down without a fight. It was not until a few more missed shots, and one more hit that David decided he would have to resort to his rifle, but even the rifle was having a difficult time bringing down the hog. With great enthusiasm and commitment from David, he managed to finally knock the hog down for good. We had five hogs on the ground, and all before noon. When we got back to base camp, Safari Club International provided a great lunch for everyone, stories were exchanged, pictures were taken and then the hogs were transported to the butcher for final processing.

Thank you to our SCI Utah supporters and members, the Chairbound Hunters organization and Owen Garrett for making this project a success. This, along with future projects, clearly displays and renforces the commitment of Safari Club International’s charter and mission; Wildlife Conservation, Camaraderie, and Community Service – Promoting a positive image of hunters and impact to our local community.

Congratulations to our 2012 disabled hunters!

Chattanooga Area Chapter Honored


Chattanooga Area Chapter President Keith Watson (center) receives a 101st Airborne flag in appreciation for the Hunts for Warriors Program from new SCI veterans members Jeremey Chapin (right) and Matthew Taylor (left).


Hunts For Warriors Project at Dakota Hunting Farms

The 2nd annual Hunts for Warriors hunt took place at the Hecla Hunting Farms properties in northeastern South Dakota, near the town of Hecla. Owner Bill Mitchell and Lodge manager, Gabrielle Meyer have gone above and beyond in their efforts to show their appreciation for the service the veterans have given. From the conceptualization, planning and implementation, the two have put together one of the finest pheasant hunts anyone could ask for and they have graciously given three wounded veterans a well-deserved four days of relaxation and enjoyment.

Left to right: Brian McGuire, Bob Donovan, Brian Mancuso.

Gabrielle has worked on putting the event together for a number of months, starting with the selection of the veterans all the way thru guiding these fine men in the field to seeing them off on the final day. Among being the gentleman who initially discussed the idea of such an event with SCI President, John Whipple, Bill Mitchell is credited with preparing some of the finest steaks to hit the table. Not often does one have the pleasure of a lodge owner preparing one of many fine meals after a long day’s hunt.

Left to right: Brian Mancuso, Bob Donovan & Brian McGuire

The three veterans selected were Bob Donovan, Brian McGuire and Brian Mancuso from Richmond, VA, Austin, TX and Pittsburgh, PA, respectively. All have served in the Middle East during their duty. The experience began once they arrived at the lodge. After a meet and greet, Gabrielle took the veterans out to shoot a few clay targets and ready them for the days of shooting ahead of them. Upon the conclusion of the shooting, they retired to the extremely comfortable and home-like setting in the lodge. Rather than talk of their duties, the three easily discussed their families, being outdoors, their love of hunting along with the details of many hunts they’ve done over the course of their lives. Of all the hunting they’ve done, upland hunting is one aspect of hunting they had not done much of. Despite spending more time pursuing big game, the three were quick to down birds and amass a goodly share of pheasants during the hunt. They had the use of some very experienced dogs, which is one of the benchmark features of Dakota Hunting Farms. Each day, the veterans had dogs with fresh legs along with an experienced nose or two to flush the pheasants.

Left to right: Brian Mancuso, Bob Donovan, Bill Mitchell, Sandy Mitchell, Brian McGuire and Gabrielle Meyer.

Dakota Hunting Farms intends to continue to show their appreciation to veterans with future hunts. However, it requires the help and partnership of SCI Chapters to make this happen. A special thank you goes to the Lake Superior Chapter, Delaware Valley Chapter and the Austin Chapter for stepping up to make this event happen. The three chapters sponsored the travel to the event while Dakota Hunting Farms supplied a true South Dakota pheasant hunt to three of our Nation’s finest individuals.

If your chapter would like to sponsor a veteran or obtain more information regarding the Hunts for Warrior’s program, contact Sue Hankner at (520) 620-1220.

Chattanooga Area Chapter Sponsors Hunt For Warriors

As reported by WTVC News Channel 9 and NBC the Chattanooga Area SCI co-sponsored 25 warriors for an all expenses paid two-day whitetail hunt in Chattanooga. Most of the hunters came from Ft Campbell in Clarksville, TN. The chapter was presented with an Airborne battle flag that was signed by all the soldiers. Also given away to the group were a rifle and pheasant hunt. 25 soldiers participated in the hunt, and 26 whitetail deer were harvested in the two day event.


Fourteen-year-old year old Parker Swan, received a certificate of appreciation from the Ft Campbell group Screaming Eagles Airborne Group. He served as a hunt guide for Jeremey Chapin, a combat wounded veteran on his first deer harvest the first morning of the hunt. Jeremey had never hunted before.