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Understanding and Utilizing Scent

Rex Holmes


Rex Holmes knows the key to getting past the excellent noses of deer and other animals is learning how they disperse, interpret and use scent.  A deer has three primary defense mechanisms that he uses for survival – sight, hearing and most importantly, smell.  Until now, smell has been the least understood and most difficult to fool.  Gain knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize how you use scent to your advantage.  Learn how scent-control technology becomes your secret weapon, optimizing your hunting experience.

Hunters will also learn that the myth of ‘hunting the wind’ no longer applies with todays’ scent science and technology.  Holmes believes strongly in practicing all-natural ways of scent elimination and offers great advice on the topic.



Field Marksmanship with Wayne van Zwoll




Wayne van Zwoll knows a missed chance could be your only chance! No matter good your rifle, good marksmanship matters more! Beyond basics, this seminar shows techniques of Olympic champs and storied exhibition shooters. Make any rifle quicker up close, more accurate at distance. Eliminate “flyers”. Use wind to help your bullet hit! Which load is best? Which sight?

Dr. van Zwoll’s answers may surprise you! He draws on nearly five decades in the world’s great game fields with dozens of rifles and loads – and discusses contrary views.

More than 100 photos help bring you this ticket to dead-center marksmanship. A must-see!

Elk Hunting – The Bull Stops Here

Chad & Marsha Shearer
Chad & Marsha Schearer

World Champion elk caller, outfitter, guide and television host, Chad Schearer, will share tips and techniques for taking more and bigger bulls with attendees of the 2014 SCI Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn the best areas to hunt, when to call and when to stay silent, how to apply for the best tags, how to choose an outfitter, or how to plan a do-it-yourself hunt.

But that’s not all! Chad will also discuss choosing the right gun, muzzleloader, bow, bullets, broadheads and more.