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Flashback Friday – Warts and All

safarimagMA1998Editor’s Note: On Fridays, we reach way back in the Safari Magazine archives and dust off a story from the past. This week we tag along on a hunt in South Africa and a hunter’s admiration for the warthog, an animal the author describes as “ugly as sin and tough as nails”.  This article originally appeared in March/April 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

We were back in the bushveld blind. It was mid-afternoon, a welcome, sleepy, in-between time of the day. It was Bushman country. Nearby were the 2,000-year-old rock paintings of those early hunters and I thought of that Bushman saying, “There is someone dreaming us.” These were days of sweet dreams, followed by nights bright with the Southern Cross and the Milky Way, a thick river of stars, flowing overhead. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Warts and All

Hunt The Sun

I did not really need to go on another African plains game hunt with my longbow but my friend, Tom, was convincing. He explained how the outfitter, Mike Birch of South Africa, was Continue reading Hunt The Sun

Tough Hunt For South African Buff

We hunted hard for five days before we got a shot. That isn’t unusual with buffalo. It can take longer and occasionally you don’t win, except that we were into buffalo every day, sometimes all day. Finding and Continue reading Tough Hunt For South African Buff

Hunting With Hogfather

Bushpig-120215As I’ve written before, I like to hunt pigs. The warthog is a classic African animal, and I’ll never pass on a big tusker. I got lucky once on a big giant forest hog, and probably won’t Continue reading Hunting With Hogfather