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Lady Luck Smiles

The author poses with his more than respectable Muley.

Deer hunting, whether it be in the States, Canada, Mexico or wherever is always special! Opening day of whitetail season is what almost every hunter from the Central, Eastern and Southern United States grew up waiting for every year. Heck, some places even closed schools on opening day because so many students would be out hunting. Some still do! As youngsters grew into manhood, thoughts of another kind of deer Continue reading Lady Luck Smiles


Flashback Friday – Sonora’s Little Giants

SafariJF05coverhuntforever052114Editor’s note: Every Friday we take a walk down memory lane with a story from the Safari Magazine Archives. This week, we travel to Sonora, Mexico on a challenging hunt for coues deer. This story was originally published in the January/February 2005 issue. Enjoy!

 It was the last day of Mike Beck’s hunt on El Oso ranch in a remote part of Sonora, Mexico. In the past few days, Mike and his guide Pancho, had seen several “decent” bucks, but the muy grandes had proved to be elusive. Mike had been fortunate enough to take a trophy Coues buck on each of the five previous hunts he and his hunting buddy Joe Skinner had booked with me, and his scoring streak was on the line. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Sonora’s Little Giants