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Pakistan #19 and #20

After finishing my Capra 30 last year, I decided to go for my Ovis 20 when an offer came up to get two sheep on one hunt. Walking down the escalator at 5 a.m. and seeing Pir Danish’s smiling face at the bottom; I knew this was going to be a good hunt. After customs and a fresh cup of coffee, we headed to his house on the outskirts of Karachi to shower and get all the hunting gear together. His rifle was a .300 Short Mag. with a beautiful Swarovski scope. Since it was so early and his scouts had located a nice sheep not too far away, we decided to go hunting. Continue reading Pakistan #19 and #20

Taller Mountains

Any hunt can be easy or it can be hard. It depends a lot on your luck, which can be good or bad. For instance, both the bongo and the Derby eland are considered among the tough ones, but I have friends who were successful on their first hunting day. That first day Continue reading Taller Mountains

The Magnificent Marco Polo – Hunting the Pamir Range in Tajikistan

marcopolotajikistanpamirshuntforever060214After accidentally spooking a small herd of Marco Polo rams and ewes at approximately 1,500 yards, we carefully moved forward into the wind and spotted a large herd of around 300 moving down off of the ridge from the right to feed in the valley floor at around 14,000 feet. The time was around 9 a.m. and the temperature was still below 0° with plenty of snow. We had started at 5:30 a.m., driving for about 45 minutes before walking up a long ridge. Zafar said, “Let’s back up and circle around the ridge to our left and give them time to settle into feeding.” Continue reading The Magnificent Marco Polo – Hunting the Pamir Range in Tajikistan