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Swarovski Scopes – It’s What’s Inside That Counts

This cross section of the X5 series turret shows the intricacy of the interior of the long range scope.

The inside of a Swarovski riflescope is a rugged balance of minute parts, all working in concert to help you get your shot where you want it to go and retain the zero so you can repeat that shot again and again. Continue reading Swarovski Scopes – It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Swarovski’s X5i—A True Superscope

It’s not very often that a riflescope excites me, but Swarovski’s X5i really gets my heart beating quickly. For years, scope makers have experimented with packing all kinds of features into Continue reading Swarovski’s X5i—A True Superscope

Perfecting Zero

Is there an ideal range for zeroing-in a rifle? Of course there is, but it obviously depends on the cartridge in question. I mean, you don’t buy a .450 Marlin with the idea of posting yourself on a stand where the average shot is 300 yards. Conversely, you don’t zero-in a 7mm Ultra Mag to print dead-on at 100 yards. Continue reading Perfecting Zero

Of Patriots & Kentucky Windage

hunting optics adjustment dials
Custom bullet drop compensating elevation dials take the guess work out of hold over.

I’ve been noticing that more and more hunters are using their scope’s elevation adjustment to match various shooting distances rather than the Kentucky system of holding over and holding into, which is what most of us old Continue reading Of Patriots & Kentucky Windage