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SCI Record Book Top 10 North American Elk

Click on these images to see some of the biggest elk ever taken in North America! Search other record breakers from all over the world in the SCI Online Record Book!


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When Elk Go Away

Archetypal elk hunts bring hunters to wild places horseback. Here: Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness.

Had we climbed faster, we’d have beaten daylight to the basin head. We’d also have missed the elk. A storm, brooding all night in the Madison Range, met us mid-ascent. Dishwater skies wept globs of snow big as marbles. Peaks vanished in cloud; fog erased the valley floor. Continue reading When Elk Go Away

Flashback Friday – Elk On Your Own

HuntforeverCoverDJ04Editor’s note: On Friday we comb through the archives and reprint an article from one of our past issues. This week we return to the print magazine predecessor to our Hunt Forever blog, to cover some of the basics involved in a do-it-yourself elk hunt.
Elk country is vast and wild and elk use every acre of it to hide from hunters. Still, would-be elk hunters need not shell out big money to an outfitter as their only hope of hunting elk. By doing Continue reading Flashback Friday – Elk On Your Own