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Even Those with Physical Limitations Can Enjoy This New Zealand Hunt

Many hunters believe that to hunt New Zealand one must be in tip-top physical shape in order to hike up steep mountainsides in pursuit of red stags and other game. While that is true of many hunts in this Pacific island nation, SCI member Merlin Wheeler says it’s not the case with Craig Dempster’s Horn and Antler Safaris. Wheeler and friend Pete Wheat hunted with Dempster this past May on the South Island. Wheeler took a red stag, Wheat took a fallow deer, and both took arapawa rams despite Wheat’s hip-replacement surgery only five months prior. Continue reading Even Those with Physical Limitations Can Enjoy This New Zealand Hunt

I Lost The Bet!

After listening to the orientation speaker at the University of Wyoming yarn on about “having your children for six to seven years for their undergraduate degree,” I offered a proposal to Miss Rosey (Sara Brandenburg). Continue reading I Lost The Bet!

Jurassic Stags of Kuranui

Drops of rain rolled from countless species of emerald colored ferns, making footing difficult as we traversed the saturated and well-worn game paths etched into the mud of the canopy-covered hillsides. We were hunting a pristine property known as Kuranui, in search of red and rusa deer. Continue reading Jurassic Stags of Kuranui

The Hunt of A Lifetime

When I was little, I never thought I would make it to New Zealand. Of all the places I had ever wanted to go, it was the one place I most wanted to visit because it holds some of the most beautiful country and some of the largest animals in the world.  In Continue reading The Hunt of A Lifetime