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A Bowhunter’s High

I am a bowhunter – pure and simple. Over the past 35 years, I, along with my sons Jason and David, have almost exclusively pursued the white-tailed deer in Mississippi, Illinois and Kansas with a bow. Continue reading A Bowhunter’s High


Hunting The Land Of The Long White Cloud

newzealandgalleryhuntforever050114The roar reverberated throughout my nervous system, triggering flashbacks of Jurassic Park as I viewed the monstrous red stag through my binoculars. I was having an out-of-body experience as outfitter Mike Continue reading Hunting The Land Of The Long White Cloud

Sambar in the Hills

sambarHillsmistymtsHave you ever just sat back, whether in your favorite chair or under a huge ole oak tree, and just daydreamed a little—or a lot?

If those daydreams were about beautiful landscapes of mountains or canyons or lush green fields, then you’ll find it in the paradise of the country known as New Zealand. Continue reading Sambar in the Hills

The Finest New Zealand Has To Offer

newzealandsfinestredstag2Since 1995, the excellence of Gary Herbert’s New Zealand Hunting operation has been defined by a constantly expanding reputation for delivering the finest big game hunting with the finest 5 Star accommodations available. Herbert initially entered the professional hunting business in the mid 1990s as a packer to more established safari operators and then as a professional hunter in locales as diverse as the Russian Republics to Alaska before branching off on his own to start his own company, initially known as New Zealand Mountain Hunting Limited. Continue reading The Finest New Zealand Has To Offer