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Hunting springbok in Namibia

Springbok are plentiful and great table fare. Join us with Jamy Traut Safaris in Namibia as we hunt and stalk springbok through the red dunes.

Erongo Magic

Author with his big kudu bull in the Erongo Mountains.
Author with his big kudu bull in the Erongo Mountains.

The big kudu bull stood motionless in the thick tangle of scrub mopane and acacia thorn bush. Moments earlier he had been cautiously drinking from the waterhole 80 yards directly in front of our improvised ground blind with his harem of females, Continue reading Erongo Magic

Super Safari!

Elephant hunting Namibia
Namibia’s Caprivi Strip is big, flat country. Professional Hunters and trackers often take advantage of trees when trailing elephant.

An indisputable truth of hunting Africa is that every safari is unique. Ask any veteran with a goodly number of trips under their belt and they will chime a quick affirmation. If things get long-winded, they’ll probably add that the first morning of a safari is the only part that comes close to being predictable. Opening morning, especially that of someone’s freshman effort, was scripted long ago and now bound by circumstance as much as it is by tradition. Continue reading Super Safari!

Trophy Hunters & Trophy Wives

Enjoying the beauty of Africa's wilderness.
Enjoying the beauty of Africa’s wilderness.

There is a great tradition of trophy hunters and the beautiful wives who accompany them around the world. When I think of the great beauties who have ventured afield, I am reminded of such legendary couples as Craig Boddington and Donna, Jim Shockey and Louise, as well as Robert E. Petersen and Margie. Continue reading Trophy Hunters & Trophy Wives