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A Safari For Camilla

Six Safari Sisters initiated Camilla .308s on van Zwoll’s HCA safari

Had her PH not paused to take the call, we’d not have had the shot. It’s my only fond memory of cell service afield. A wink of sun on black horn caught my eye. Tall grass hid most of the springbok ram, a long poke away, on the hem of thick thorn. “There!” Continue reading A Safari For Camilla

From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes

Stephanus has eyes that never fail. At the far end of a long open valley, he spotted the herd of eland lying in the shade of the trees on the edge of the hills. The valley is wide and gentle but the slopes that surround it are steep and rocky and covered in thorns with a few marula and fever berry trees. Continue reading From the Greatest to the Least–Antelope at the Extremes

Savage Lightweight Hunter

We take Savage’s Lightweight Hunter chambered in .223 Rem. to Namibia to hunt small antelope and predators using the new Federal Trophy Bonded Tip bullet.

Tracking Wildebeest in Namibia

Watching trackers in Africa while hunting is something to behold. It’s positively amazing how they can sort out one track from so many, and move on it so quickly. Here, we follow the track of a large male wildebeest that is injured.