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Mongolian Ibex Odyssey

After peering through my scope for more than 20 minutes at the sleeping Altai Ibexes, the strain was blurring my vision. We had watched this group of rams for almost four hours, waiting for the patriarch to stand long enough for a shot. Continue reading Mongolian Ibex Odyssey

The Third Ibex Adventure

3rd-Ibex-mountains-080216As the old saying goes, the third one is the charm and this trip would prove that right. Her first ibex, the Pamirs, fell to her rifle on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan with one shot on the third day. Continue reading The Third Ibex Adventure

Sheep Hunter’s Rite of Passage

A young huntress learns what it means to hunt tur and ibex in Central Asia.

The mountains of Azerbaijan proved to be a challenging obstacle.
The mountains of Azerbaijan proved to be a challenging obstacle.

After what seemed like an eternity in the air, I planted my size six feet on the soil of the first of many forgotten countries that would be along my sojourn–Azerbaijan. Hidden faces stared at my exposed, pale skin, round eyes and camouflage luggage. Then I met the men who would have my life in their hands for a week, and I suddenly felt at ease. Continue reading Sheep Hunter’s Rite of Passage

SCI Record Book Top Ten Siberian Ibex

There is arguably no more challenging, difficult and satisfying hunt than the majestic Siberian Ibex. Found in some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable habitat on the planet, just getting in range to spot one of these elusive creatures is an adventure in endurance and stamina. We present the best of the best in the SCI Record Book. Here then, are the top ten Siberian Ibex.