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More Deer In Mexico!

Our various deer are North America’s most widespread and numerous big-game animals, so it follows that deer hunting is the most popular pursuit among American hunters. In fact, we have at least 10 million deer hunters on this continent — the largest hunting culture on the face of this earth. We SCI members who frequently travel to hunt are a bit different from many. In fact, the majority of American hunters pursue game close to home. That means the white-tailed deer, some 35 million strong, are the most popular game on this continent (and in the world). But exactly which Continue reading More Deer In Mexico!

To the Jungles of the Yucatan

junglesofYucatanGobblerThe doves sang their sad goodbyes to the day as a gobbler took flight to his evening roost just behind our machan (stand). Soon, my guide, Antonio, and I were listening to his continuous gobbles and I sat there grinning at this perfect ending to my adventures in the Yucatan jungle. Continue reading To the Jungles of the Yucatan