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Guinness Lessons

Okay, I admit it. I enjoy a pint of stout. Good old Guinness really is my favorite and, perhaps behind shamrocks and leprechauns, is Ireland’s most recognized product. These days I don’t indulge very often…sometimes life lessons are painful. I’ve learned that dark beer is one of my triggers for gout. I’m careful, but when James Nolan and his team picked us up at the Dublin airport, a couple of stops seemed almost mandatory. Continue reading Guinness Lessons


Hunting Ireland

Wicklow Mountains gap
This lush green valley proved to be a good spot for the big sika deer of Ireland.

“You are going to Ireland to hunt what?” That was almost the universal comment from friends and SCI Members when I told them that my wife, Vicki, and I were going hunting in Ireland. We had just returned from the SCI Convention where we booked a hunt with David and Lisa Moore of Celtic Field Sports. Continue reading Hunting Ireland