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Spanish Professional Hunters Association Debuts At SCI Convention

The 2019 SCI Convention saw the emergence of a new professional hunters association.

The Spanish Professional Hunters Association made its first appearance at the convention to gain some exposure to the world of the international hunter.

According to founder Alvaro Villegas, The Spanish Professional Hunters Association’s mission is to:

  • Promote ethical hunting and advocate wildlife conservation through sustainable hunting.
  • Enhance natural habitats to maintain and preserve wild areas.
  • Activate the economies of less populated regions while maintaining national, cultural and historical heritage.
  • Develop and maintain educational programs to encourage future generations to continue the stewardship of wildlife and wild lands in perpetuity.



An SCI Story: An SCI Success

There are things about Safari Club International that set it above and apart from anything else on the planet. One glimpse of that dynamic occurred a few days after Christmas. Continue reading An SCI Story: An SCI Success

King of the Mountain

gredosibexFour species of Ibex live in Spain: the southeastern, Rhonda, Beceite, and the largest horned, the Gredos (capra pyrennica victoriae).  It was the big brother of the group I was after, as I had taken a very nice Beceite ibex just two years before, starting my quest for the Spanish ibex slam. Continue reading King of the Mountain

Flashback Friday – Spanish Ibex Quest

MarApr1987CVREditor’s Note: On Friday we dust off a gem from the extensive SCI archives and bring it back to life. Today we tag along on a hunt for Gredos Ibex in Spain. This story first appeared in the March/April 1987 issue of Safari Magazine.

There are cave drawings in Spain and southern France that are proof the ibex has been hunted extensively since prehistoric times. However, with the arrival of modern Continue reading Flashback Friday – Spanish Ibex Quest