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Flashback Friday – Believe It!

Editor’s Note: On Friday we reach back into the Safari archives and dust off a gem from the past. This time we join Wayne Van Zwoll on a kudu hunt in Blaauwkrantz in South Africa, where thorns, thick brush, and elusive game make for a challenging hunt. This article first appeared in the November/December 2009 issue of Safari Magazine. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Believe It!

Multi-Species Safari In South Africa

espance-sable-021317I had been talking with Hans “Scruff” Vermaak for some time about a 60-inch kudu. This is akin to a 400-point elk, a 200-inch deer or an 11-foot brown bear—basically not much to ask? The Continue reading Multi-Species Safari In South Africa

Serval Success in South Africa

boddingtonservalinsouthafricaIt isn’t difficult making excuses to go back to Africa. Smart guys will just go, because no matter exactly where you go or what you hunt, as Peter Capstick told us, “An African safari is the greatest adventure remaining on Earth.” Yes, but all too many of we crazy hunters, including me, set these absurd goals for ourselves. We want it all. I wanted a serval–that beautifully-spotted, short-tailed, lynx-sized cat that is so widespread…and yet so elusive. Continue reading Serval Success in South Africa