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Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Photo Credit – Tweed Media

A heavy hoar frost works in a hunter’s favor when stealthily waiting for wild boar to be flushed through woodland. A crunchy layer of frozen beech leaves are impossible for trotters to traverse without giving a waiting rifle a handy heads up. Hunting driven boar in Poland is adrenaline-charged and super thrilling. With the beaters’ voices reverberating around the eerie woodland, Continue reading Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Poland in All Its Glory – Part 1

Polish wisent European BisonIt’s a little-known fact that there exists in Poland the last wild herd of European bison, an animal almost identical to the American buffalo of myth and legend. Continue reading Poland in All Its Glory – Part 1

Flashback Friday – Poland’s Roaring Stags

huntforeveCoverSO86Editor’s note: Each Friday we dig into the Safari Magazine archives and run a classic story. This week, we join Bill Paulin as he hunts red stag in Poland circa 1986 in a traditional European hunting experience. This article originally appeared in the September/October 1986 issue of Safari Magazine

It was about 4 a.m. as my Polish guide, Ryszard Ryborczyk, and I edged our way quietly down a tiny dirt road toward the distant tree stand. Then we heard it. The unmistakable roar of the Polski (European) red deer – so close it seemed to shake the leaves off the trees. I’d hunted the world over but had never heard anything like it – certainly not from an animal that carries a rack of antlers! Continue reading Flashback Friday – Poland’s Roaring Stags