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Armchair Safari – Walia Ibex in Ethiopia

Excerpts from Simen Its Heights and Abysses by Major H.C. Maydon

armchair-safari-maydon-book-spine-111816Let me draw attention to a rough map of the Simen country which I made at the end of a six weeks’ hunt there. Imagine a tableland 20 miles square from 10,000 to 14,000 feet high, shut in on west and north by abrupt precipices, descending 7,000 feet in steps to broken down country. Down the eastern side a ravine, 4,000 feet deep, separates Simen from the detached plateau and mountain spurs. Southwards the tableland slopes gently to lowlands of 7,000 feet. The main features of this are long, narrow plateaus, or hog’s backs, all running parallel north and south, with the highest point at the northern extremity where they are cut off sharply by a precipice wall. Watercourses separate all the plateaus. They start as mere streambeds in the north, Continue reading Armchair Safari – Walia Ibex in Ethiopia

King of the Mountain

gredosibexFour species of Ibex live in Spain: the southeastern, Rhonda, Beceite, and the largest horned, the Gredos (capra pyrennica victoriae).  It was the big brother of the group I was after, as I had taken a very nice Beceite ibex just two years before, starting my quest for the Spanish ibex slam. Continue reading King of the Mountain

SCI Record Book Top Ten Siberian Ibex

There is arguably no more challenging, difficult and satisfying hunt than the majestic Siberian Ibex. Found in some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable habitat on the planet, just getting in range to spot one of these elusive creatures is an adventure in endurance and stamina. We present the best of the best in the SCI Record Book. Here then, are the top ten Siberian Ibex.

Flashback Friday – A Question of Quarry

SafariSO96CoverEditor’s note: On Friday we dig through the Safari Club archives and bring back a story from past hunts. This week, we join Henning Olsen from Denmark on a hunt for wapiti in Kazakhstan that instead, produced a record book ibex. This story first appeared in the September/October issue of Safari Magazine.

Henning Olsen and his Austrian friend boarded the plane for the flight to Kazakhstan. Both were in the euphoric state of excitement that precedes any hunt, this particular one being for Tian Shan wapiti. The pair had confidence that the hunt would go off without a hitch. Continue reading Flashback Friday – A Question of Quarry