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Record Book Approaching 200,000 Entries

SCI means many things to different people and one truth is certain: the more involved members become with SCI, the more they find what SCI has to offer. I invite all members to become more involved personally because it not only will help SCI, but it will be rewarding beyond expectations. Continue reading Record Book Approaching 200,000 Entries

Safari Storytellers

Let’s honor your story together.

Safari Storytellers’ mission is to help you preserve your hunting memories—not just your trophies—at the conclusion of your next hunt.

We provide a professionally written, edited, leather-bound account with select photos.  If you still enjoy holding a good book in your hands, you know there is power and permanency in the printed word that transcends digital media.

Safari Storytellers will harness this power for you to weave together your hunting experience, passion and relationships into a timeless story.  Every hunter returning from the wild has sensed a depth to their adventure that can’t be captured in a trophy picture, mount or video.  Your companions, favorite memories, humorous details, compelling descriptions of the habitat and game and gear, unforeseen challenges, and nuances of the stalk—this is YOUR story.

It’s a story that brings heart-felt understanding and meaning to hunters and non-hunters, family and friends.  It’s a story that will be remembered and cherished years later in your favorite reading chair.  And it’s the difference between an old family photograph and a beloved account of your adventure—captured in a leather-bound book—resting prominently on your loved-one’s coffee table.

For more details and options available, please contact Scott Lemasters at safaristorytellers@gmail.com.

About your biographer . . .

Scott is a 32-year Veteran of the U.S. military, ghostwriter for a U.S. Senator, former special assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, published outdoor writer, and Life Member of SCI since 2005.  He has pursued big-game animals from Alaska to Zimbabwe, including successful “do-it-yourself” hunts for Dall sheep, coastal brown bear, moose and mountain goat and guided hunts for cape buffalo, sable, aoudad, and mountain lion.

Student Yearbook Nixes Photo Of Hunter With Gun

Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, ME is refusing to allow student Wade Gelinas to include his photo in the school yearbook because it shows him in the woods carrying a shotgun. Continue reading Student Yearbook Nixes Photo Of Hunter With Gun

Game On

Organized youth hunts are great ways to introduce youth the to total experience of hunting.

Two years ago, hunting for me was a hobby that my dad loved, and that was it. I never understood his passion for hunting, and couldn’t understand why he was so intrigued by anything and everything that involved hunting. Thankfully, that Continue reading Game On