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Bullets For The Biggest Game

Of Boddington’s 30 recovered solids, these 18 could be reloaded and fired again. These bullets include several brands and all types of construction.

We refer to them almost interchangeably as “solids” or “FMJs,” meaning “full metal jackets.” Both terms are old and traditional…and neither is accurate. What we’re talking about is bullets intended to provide deep, straight-line Continue reading Bullets For The Biggest Game

Dangerous Game Safari In Zimbabwe

Hunting-camp-Zimbabwe-012116My friend Sam Perone had been asking me for a few years to do a dangerous game hunt in Africa with him and in 2012 everything came together when I contacted my friend Continue reading Dangerous Game Safari In Zimbabwe

SCI Flashback Friday – A Charge in the Tall Grass

SafaricoverMA05Editor’s Note: This week’s story from the archives follows Luis De Lamar on his first safari to Africa and his very close encounter with a Cape Buffalo. This story originally appeared in the March/April 2005 issue of Safari Magazine.

My professional hunter Con van Wyk and I moved ahead of the trackers as we made our way through the long grass. We
had been tracking the wounded Cape buffalo for an hour or two when suddenly, a huge, black shape launched itself at us from 15 feet away! Con swung his .500 NE and fired. The horns struck him a glancing blow as the heavy rifle’s recoil propelled him away from the buffalo. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – A Charge in the Tall Grass