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A Working Man in Zululand

I have been to Africa a couple of times for plains game and am fortunate enough to have taken a number of species that are in the SCI Record Book.  Recently, while sitting at my desk and looking at my trophy wall, it hit me — it was time — time to step up to Continue reading A Working Man in Zululand

Tough Hunt For South African Buff

We hunted hard for five days before we got a shot. That isn’t unusual with buffalo. It can take longer and occasionally you don’t win, except that we were into buffalo every day, sometimes all day. Finding and Continue reading Tough Hunt For South African Buff

Black Death In Masailand

Glassing for buffalo
Glassing for buffalo

We were sitting on a narrow rock outcropping on a steep hillside overlooking some of the thickest growth of acacia trees and bushes in all of Masailand, when my PH, Paul Horsley, said, “There’s really a Continue reading Black Death In Masailand

Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo

Chadwick-title-page-111715W. S. Chadwick was a popular and prolific author, probably because he hunted so much. He authored numerous books, each one more popular than the preceding one. One of his first books, Man-Killers and Marauders, is very rare. Here, we join this hunter on some of his adventures with the African Cape buffalo.

Wherever big game hunters gather to exchange reminiscences, the argument as to whether lion, elephant, buffalo or rhino arises Continue reading Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo