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SCI Members Share Their Hunter Pride

SCI members are proud of who they are and what they do and they show that pride every time they submit a new entry into the SCI Record Book, one of the most comprehensive wildlife databases in the world. With that in mind, here are few members who are determined to share and preserve their hunting legacy for future generations.

Document Your Hunting Legacy!

MeasuringTeamAd-FP-Magazine-copyGet the recognition you deserve for all the hard work you’ve done to build your trophy collection. SCI’s Record Book Department offers a unique Trophy Room Measuring Service. Our staff will visit your site and measure all of your trophies, enter them into the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals and help you get caught up on all your World Hunting Awards in one quick trip. What better way to document your hunting history than to have the folks who have mastered the SCI measuring method. You deserve to know how your trophies measure up and SCI believes in giving the animal credit for what it’s grown, whether horn, antler, tooth or skull.

No other measurer has the skill to document your legacy as quickly, accurately and professionally as the SCI Record Department.

For more information or to schedule an appointment email: cemery@safariclub.org

SCI Record Book News!

world record antler-measuring-100512SCI Record Book has a number of exciting events scheduled for the next few months.

Record Book is currently running a Roll Back Savings Special on their World Hunting Award Listings, Record Book Entries and Photo Entries through March 31st.

Send your entries now and save!

World Hunting Awards Fees – Normally $125 Now only $100 each

Record Book Entry Fees – Normally $35 Now only $25 each

Photo Entry Fees – Normally $20 Now only $10 each

Remember, these specials end on March 31, 2014!


March 31st is the deadline for Safari Magazine June Awards Issue. This issue features the World Hunting Awards achievements for the year. Get your entry in today!


Record Book will also be hosting 2 SCI Official Measuring Seminars. January 29th at the GSCO event in Reno, NV and February 1st at the Southeastern Outdoors Expo in Cary, NC. Check the Record Book website for details.