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What To Do With 130 Pairs Of Shoes

Loading up the shoes for delivery.
Loading up the shoes for delivery.

A little over a year ago I received a call from a gentleman who owned an orthopedic appliance business. He said that he had a large quantity of brand new orthopedic shoes that he needed to donate for a tax write off. Continue reading What To Do With 130 Pairs Of Shoes

SCI Houston Sportsmen Against Hunger Event

sportsmen against hunger art SAH-foodlineThe Houston Chapter of Safari Club International, in partnership with the Star of Hope Mission will be helping to feed over 250 of Houston’s homeless community. On Thursday, December 11th, local hunters will not only be volunteering their time to help prepare and serve this important meal, but they will have donated approximately 160 pounds of venison for the main course. In addition, SCI Houston will make a cash donation of $2,500 to Star of Hope to help it continue its mission in the Houston community. Continue reading SCI Houston Sportsmen Against Hunger Event

Pathfinder Grants available to Chapters

Pathfinderfundshnt4evr121213Pathfinder Co-Chairs Bill & Vicki Swan are pleased to announce that nearly $23,000 dollars has been reimbursed to SCI Chapters that have held warrior or pathfinder events this year. SCIF, through Humanitarian Services, has set aside $50,000 to promote Chapter functions for disabled hunters, terminally ill children or soldiers returning from battle.

In order for a chapter to qualify for these funds, it must sponsor and/or host an event for one of those mentioned above. The chapter has to furnish a profit/loss statement, a write-up about the event, and show where it was publicized in the media. These funds are reimbursements and not matching funds. Reimbursement cannot exceed the actual expense to the Chapter.

We strongly suggest that your Chapter submit a write up with photos of the event to Safari Times and for posting on the Hunt Forever blog and the Hunt Now newsletter. For more information contact Stephanie Gray in the Humanitarian Services Department.