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Caliber .366, the “European .375,” is an effective and versatile option!

The buffalo took the bullet hard but was instantly swallowed by thick trees. He crashed away, then silence, and in a few seconds the mournful death bellow. Sixty cautious yards later we found him down and completely out. Our tracker commented to PH Ben Rautenbach: “I didn’t think he could kill a buffalo with that little rifle!” Continue reading WHAT ABOUT A 9.3?

Prairie Rat Field Fest

It isn’t often that one has the opportunity to test three new rifles, two new cartridges, several new loadings and a new optic all on the same outing. Such was the case this past June when Savage and Hornady teamed-up to organize a prairie rat shoot with Heart Spear Outfitters based in Casper, Wyoming. Continue reading Prairie Rat Field Fest

Companies Debut New Products At SCI Convention

I always like when our Convention precedes the SHOT Show as it did this year because it affords guys like me the opportunity to get a jump on what’s new for the coming year. Most new products in the firearms industry debut at SHOT, but when our Convention convenes before theirs, many of our exhibitors consider SCI to be their primary market, and as such important enough to make sure their new goodies and promotional materials are ready in time, even if it’s earlier in the year than usual. Continue reading Companies Debut New Products At SCI Convention

Hornady ETX Custom International

The EXT has a small hollow point and expansion cavity. It routinely provides upwards of 95 percent weight retention and penetrates deeply with minimal meat damage.

That European riflemakers tend to cut their chambers a little differently from U.S. makers is the impetus behind Hornady’s Extreme Terminal Expansion (ETX) bullet in its Custom International line of ammunition. According to sources, Continue reading Hornady ETX Custom International