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Crossbow Hippo

Crossbow-Hippo-lurkingLate October, 2014: The post on the SCI Record Book Official Facebook Page read, “Outstanding entries in the department today! First ever SCI documented hippopotamus taken with a crossbow….” This Continue reading Crossbow Hippo

Hunting In Zambia

Sarge Karim shares some photos of some of his hunts in Zambia.

Mufunta is an area located in the west of Zambia bordering the Kafue national park. The area boasts the highest density  of Sable than any other, with several trophies scoring in the high 40s. Other plentiful plains game in Mufunta are; roan, eland, kudu, hartebeest, reedbuck, common duiker, impala, warthog, bushing and buffalo.

Nyamvu and Nyakolwe are adjacent, privately owned wild and unfenced hunting concessions located in the famous Luangwa Valley. These areas boast some of the largest roan populations in Zambia. Other huntable species include; hippo, crocodile, buffalo, puku, bushbuck, impala, kudu, warthog, hartebeest, zebra, hyena, and waterbuck.

SCI Flashback Friday – Monster of the Musansara

Cover Safari Magazine July/August 1992Editor’s note: Every Friday we feature a story from the Safari Magazine archives. This exciting account of a leopard hunt in Zambia was originally printed in the July/August 1992 issue of Safari Magazine. The skull of the leopard in this story measured nearly 17 inches and was the Zambian record for 1990. Enjoy the adventure.

 Bordering the South Luangwa National Park on the southwestern side lies a stretch of land known as the Chisomo hunting area. The Luangwa, one of the major Zambian rivers, runs through this wild, unspoiled area of ancient Africa. It is one of those places of which the African dream consists. Our camp, on the banks of the Luangwa, offered a spectacular view of the river and the setting of the Africa sun beyond the craggy horizon. It is here, in pristine paradise that you will find a sand river meandering though the bush, known as the Musansara. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Monster of the Musansara